In 1874, a colony of Baptists from Louisiana settled near where Roanoke now stands and soon thereafter organized a Baptist church, naming it the Old Colony Baptist Church.  After the railroad came through in 1881 and the town of Roanoke was established, a new schoolhouse was built close to the business district and the church moved into it and changed its name to Roanoke Baptist Church.

Early church records state that, after a talk by Pastor McBride, it was decided a house of worship would be built “as soon as possible.” The Ladies Aid Society was given the authority to select the location for the new building and was to report the cost for church approval. Two lots just north of the downtown lumberyard were selected by the church.  A new building was built; however, a gin explosion in November 1919 damaged part of the structure. Eventually, the original building was torn down and the current concrete building was erected.

In the Fall of 2016, Ms. Eva Mellema, a former member, agreed to sell the Dove Aircraft Building (205 Rusk) to FBC Roanoke.  Currently, we are finalizing a multi-phased plan to remodel this large warehouse into a Youth and multi-purpose area.  To God be the glory!

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