FBC Roanoke

We are a Great Commission church brought together to share the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ locally, in Texas, nationally, and to the ends of the earth for the glory of God.

We want to glorify God in a way that leads others to a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ and builds up believers.

Church Objectives

Worship is a personal and congregational act of passion and reverence before God.  Worship can occur anywhere because God seeks to bring His glory into the everyday experience of His children.

Prayer is personal communication with God. Prayer, like any normal conversation, has the elements of both talking and listening. In prayer, we find the power to hear and obey God’s Word.

Evangelism is the sharing of Jesus Christ.  This may happen in conversation as well as in the worship of the One True God who reveals Himself in the Bible.

Providing development for all ages who are in different stages of Christian growth.

Identifying and caring for the needs of others as we share and show how the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ directly pertain to eternal life.

Supporting Christians by sharing together in spiritual and material resources.

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