Covid-19 Update

Update: September 4, 2020

Church Family,

I am deeply thankful to Father God that we have been able to worship for most of the summer. We have faced and overcome anxiety-fear, heard the up and down virus data, learned to use Facebook Live and Jitsi app for Worship/SS, and have made it through many other obstacles, together. The key is we have done it TOGETHER!

Now it is time to move forward and Regather, Renew, Refocus, and Re-engage our three Pillars of Ministry: Word, Worship, and Witness.

Beginning this renewal, I would like to share with you the “new” Sunday Morning Schedule starting this Sunday, Sept 6th. This schedule is a forward faith-step that requires each of us to make the intentional effort to be in the sanctuary or in our Sunday School class 5-10 minutes before the 9am starting time. Your leader will be glad to see you!

We know this is a tight schedule, but I believe we can make it work for the good of the Church—together! There may be some adjustments, but with your positive support and faithful prayers, we will make it through this in a way that honors our Lord Jesus Christ.

Sunday Morning Schedule beginning Sept 6th:

9:00   Spanish Worship, English Sunday School

10:15 English Worship, Spanish Sunday School

Virus, Masks, and Social Distancing.

I just read, again, TX Governor Abbott’s July 2nd Executive Order (GA-29, point 9) about wearing masks. His “order,” which does not apply to Churches, concludes with this wise suggestion, “…but wearing a face covering is strongly encouraged.” Thus, we “strongly encourage” folks to wear a mask at church. If the law does not require it, then we will not require it—but we do “strongly encourage” you to wear a mask. Our sanctuary and SS rooms are not large, so we ask you to also please social distance as much as possible.

The Church regathering comes with risk. There is risk in everything we do and everywhere we go—there always has been. The virus has brought this to our attention like never before. I know some are still apprehensive about regathering. We respect and support everyone’s thoughts on this matter. If you are not comfortable to come yet, keep praying, and wait for the Lord’s release to come—and watch us on Facebook Live for worship. If you are comfortable coming, I’ll see you Sunday!!

In closing: Truthfully, I cannot wait to hear the sounds of the church halls echoing your talking and laughter, once again. I have missed it dearly!

May God’s richest blessings and sovereign protection continually be upon you and your family during this unprecedented time.

With Love…and For His Glory,

Pastor Bruce